Founded in 1995 as Off The Record® Research in San Francisco, CA, OTR Global conducts unbiased marketplace checks to help leading institutional investors make informed investment decisions. The firm has set the standard for alternative research as the premier provider of industry intelligence for 20 years since it's beginnings as Off The Record. OTR Global has offices in North America, Europe and Asia and 130+ research personnel located in more than 18 countries.

OTR Global is the industry-recognized provider of ongoing marketplace research across multiple sectors. The company has dedicated reporter coverage throughout the world, with local representation in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

OTR Global and its employees operate through several entities around the world:

  • OTR Global LLC is a California-registered investment adviser that employs research staff including editors, reporters and other research employees.
  • OTR Global Ltd is the United Kingdom entity that employs the European-based research personnel.
  • OTR Global China Representative Office is the firm’s base for research operations throughout Asia.
  • OTR Global Intelligence Services LLC is the firm's non-buyside business entity providing services to non-buyside clients.