Institutional Investors

OTR has established long-lasting relationships with the largest mutual funds and hedge funds in the industry

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Corporate Professionals

This service brings our clients thoughtful, actionable ideas and the ability to interact with sources and industry leaders

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Private Equity Investors

OTR performs market and company due diligence studies to provide our clients with critical market information

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Industry Professionals

Our commitment to integrity in the way we gather information benefits both our clients and sources who are leaders in their fields

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Research Examples


  • May. 2018    Chicago
    ViewPoint: Rise of Off-Premise Dining
  • Apr. 2018    New York
    Lunch: Brad Whitt, Dir of Tech Research
  • Apr. 2018    San Francisco
    ViewPoint: Next Generation Blockchain
  • Mar. 2018    Chicago
    ViewPoint: Heavy-Duty Trucks and Trailers
  • Mar. 2018    New York
    Dinner with OTR Cyclicals Research Team
  • Mar. 2018    New York
    Lunch with OTR TMT Research Team
  • Feb. 2018    Barcelona
    ViewPoint: Welcome Dinner at MWC
  • Feb. 2018    Orlando
    ViewPoint: Jarrett Harris, CYC Dir., at RBA