Gain Industry Knowledge

Educating Clients
OTR offers law firms access to its global network of reporters and editors, who are highly qualified in their covered industries and sectors around the world. Lawyers utilize OTR's research to locate hard-to-find, niche, relevant and knowledgeable sources for a variety of case types. OTR’s research comes straight from its sources. We provide data and conclusions that we believe to be solid, unfiltered and factual. With almost 20 years of experience, OTR is able to quickly educate its clients on any of the industries and sectors it covers.

Non-biased, unfiltered data
OTR's research is not influenced by company management, who often misread the marketplace. OTR gives law firms and their clients an advantage by providing non-biased, unfiltered data and information straight from the source. OTR has the ability to quickly educate its clients on specific industries including: 

unique research approach
OTR is the leading investment research company with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. OTR pioneered its methodology by developing a comprehensive base of industry sources and an in-depth understanding of complex, global product supply chains and distribution channels. OTR’s unique research approach includes a blend of investigative journalism and primary market research. Its research is carried out by a team of 130 research personnel located in more than 18 countries. OTR's sources remain anonymous and are compensated only with information, allowing for objective qualitative and quantitative feedback.